The John Bosco Child and Family Services Foundation’s mission is to assist organizations who offer services for children, adolescents and adults by providing affordable rental facilities.


The Foundation’s purpose is to own and acquire lands, buildings and facilities to offer affordable rental rates to not-for-profit and charitable organizations. The Foundation also offers assistance whenever possible with fundraising, in-kind donations and volunteer recruitment in support of charities and not-for-profit organizations.

Many people have benefitted directly or indirectly from the Foundation’s activities. These properties are being rented at below market rates to assist organizations who support children, youth and adults through the provision of a broad range of services.


The Foundation’s focus is to provide suitable facilities, for not-for-profit organizations thus assisting them in providing human services to individuals and families, who through no fault of their own are struggling with many challenges.

The Foundation has also established a bursary fund to provide qualifying students with financial assistance to attend a post-secondary institution. An important qualification for financial aid is evidence of significant charitable volunteer activities.

Further, the Foundation has entered into a joint effort with a service organization to build an affordable housing project for low-income seniors.


Dr. Gus Rozycki is the founding Chief Executive Officer of John Bosco Child and Family Services Foundation (2002). Dr. Rozycki has a long history of philanthropic activity, including the founding of Bosco Homes A Society For Children And Families (1987), Bosco Homes School Jurisdiction (1988), ABH-Child and Family Services (1994), Children First Family Services Association (2001), and A Safe Place Strathcona Shelter Society (1982) a shelter for women and children fleeing family violence.

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